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October 23, 2009

On the Road Again...

Cait and I packed up last night and headed to the airport bright and early this morning for our trip to Maryland.  As some of you may know, Shannon is expecting a sweet baby boy of her own, and her shower is this Saturday.  There is absolutely, positively no way I would miss this event.  When planning the trip, I realized it might be an opportune time for Cait and I to have some much needed mom and daughter moments.  

It also means that I left Little Guy and the Nugget back home.  However, they are having a great time with the Dad Guy, and I fully expect to come home to a fort of empty pizza boxes decorated in pink tulle, and to be regaled with a laundry list of movies they watched, mom-approved or otherwise. Though Kelsey has at least one activity every day, to include a Girl Scout Halloween Bingo tomorrow night, so there isn't a need for too much planning.  Nicholas enjoys just having quality time with Dad, so he will be quite happy. 

No pictures of our trip today as frankly, not much to write home about flight-wise.  Not only didn't we have any delays, we even arrived in LA early.  Unfortunately, no time to deplane in either LA or Albuquerque, but at least the visibility was great, and I was able to enjoy the changing scenery.  It would have been nice to grab a cup of coffee prior to leaving Oakland, or a snack in LA, but it was so refreshing to arrive not only on time, but early and with enough time to have non-airport food for dinner.  Viet-Thai, yum!  And, now off to bed, as I must get some rest for what promises to be a fun and exciting weekend with friends.


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