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November 19, 2009

Now you See it...

If your sweet tooth beckoned a few weeks ago, and you were tempted by the See's catalog Cait was proffering, your prayers have been answered. The orders arrived this week, and a giant cardboard box was hefted into my car today when I dropped Cait off at practice.  I haven't sorted through the assortment yet, but will attempt to do soon, and hopefully mail orders before we depart for our Thanksgiving vacation on Saturday afternoon. 

For those of you wondering, Caitlin was selling a certain selection of See's candies for the Danville Girls Chorus. They are trying to raise money for a trip in the spring, and each child will get a portion of what their total sales allocated towards their trip cost.  I am normally not terribly fond of fundraisers, as I think most are done when the kids are way too young.  It ends up being more of a competition, and/or the parents buy most of the offerings, since door to door is discouraged, and the neighbors have already purchased from their own children.

Since the Chorus is not the local elementary school, and one whole town away, Cait had a much better chance of being able to sell to friends and neighbors without getting the standard, "I gave/bought at the office."  She wisely targeted a few moms after one of Kelsey's playdates, managed to snag the grandparents' interest during a Skype call, found a neighbor who needed extra Christmas gifts, and even sold while back in Virginia & Maryland for the shower.  Oh, and we can't forget the frantic last minute call to Uncle John & Kim, who helped the cause, and will have their treats very soon.

IMG_3343I figured it couldn't hurt to plan ahead, and not buy all of my Christmas gifts last minute at the 7-11 (though it is a fun challenge to figure out who really needs a can of Sterno vs. the last 6 pack of Diet-Rite soda), so I added a few things to the list.  We added it up, sent in the form, and voila, four weeks later, have a gigantic box full of chocolates and gift cards galore taking over my bench in the front hallway.

 For whatever reason, I didn't learn of the sale until several days after it began. The first email I received was well after Cait started selling, and made no mention of goals.  The only item of interest was that each girl would receive credit for 30% of what they sold towards their trip.  Nothing about it being a contest, and if there was a prize section, I missed it entirely (this is good, I always fret too much about competition).  Lo and behold, there were at least two prizes per choir (if not more), and Cait won second place for fund-raising in the Apprentice Choir.  The prize?  A $30 gift card to Target!  Kelsey had won $10 gift card from Target at the Girl Scout Halloween Bingo, so you can bet Cait was thrilled to show it off. 

No word on whether she will splurge on big ticket items for the family (that could be half of a tricycle for Nicholas!), or spend on herself (will be closely monitoring her in the clothing section).  Now I best be off to wrap and pack.  If you purchased from her, look for an email soon with the expected arrival date, and thanks to everyone for their support!


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