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January 29, 2010

100% Brownie

Tonight we* held the investiture ceremony for Kelsey's Brownie Troop.  We had an hour long practice session last Saturday, and it paid off in spades..the girls could not have been more prepared nor the parents more proud. 

IMG_3743  This is her second year in the Girl Scouts, and I don't think we could be more excited about her participation.  She is so enthusiastic and truly enjoys spending time with every member of her troop.  I remember Brownies being fun but nerve-wracking, as it was just another activity with the kids from my private school.  Being that I was a bit on the shy side (really, an off-the-scales INFP shy??), I enjoyed the service aspect, but the social parts were only so-so. 

It is so different for Kelsey, and it just warms my soul.  She is truly happy, they are all excited to meet and all participate equally.  There is rarely a squabble and to watch the way the girls have embraced the notion of all Girl Scouts being sisters is amazing. 

IMG_3750 The ceremony was fairly quick with last year's troop being invested first, then welcoming a newcomer from another troop, and finally introducing the new girls.  With pins on their vests, they proudly sang for their parents and then served them...what else?  Yep, brownies.

IMG_3759  It was a fun night, made only a little bit hectic by Nicholas's occasional outbursts (he would have much preferred to help me on stage...).  Cait did a great job trying to take care of him during the ceremony, but it somewhat hampered her efforts to photograph the event.  We did manage a few from the celebration and once the Little Guy was double-fisted with a cookie and a brownie, all was right with the world. He immediately went back to being  his usual charming self and even insisted on cleaning up at the end.

The only missing piece was Peter, however, the joy of Facebook came through at this point.  I was able instantly upload a photo so a proud father (a mere 3,000 miles away) could see his daughter immediately following the ceremony (yes, FB is faster than snapping a photo with the iPhone and emailing).  Despite the fact he wasn't there, we still felt linked to him.  And that, my friends, makes me feel much more positive about our upcoming adventure that commences in late July....

*By we, I mean the other co-leader and myself.  I have probably not mentioned prior to now, but, yes, I am a co-leader this year.  I know I said 'never again', but I did have previous experience, and while it can be a lot of work, it couldn't be for a better cause.  Oh, and then there was the look of sheer delight (yes, really) on Kelsey's face when she found out I was going to take the position...that sealed the deal for me.


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So cute!! So, so cute... Kelsey is adorable! Looks like you all had a great time. And co-leader - you go girlfriend! :)

P.S. Lucky you with your hubby on FB. I can't even get mine to open up a personal e-mail account.

Way to go, Kelsey and Jen!

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