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January 27, 2010


I have been unsure what exactly to post about Haiti.  There has been so much in the news, and I am sure more than a few people are simply overwhelmed by the tragedy of the earthquake. I would say our being in the Foreign Service might make it hit a little closer to home, but with a disaster of this size, it seems as though many people might have a connection to those affected.

In scouring through articles and blogs, I found a few notes that I thought to be of interest.  One post had a mention of a different perspective on the Foreign Service and the tragedy, and I couldn't agree more.  I have linked to both the original post here, on The Skeptical Bureaucrat, as well as Digger's thoughts on the matter at Life After Jerusalem.   As an aside, if you have an interest in anything related to the Foreign Service, especially a comprehensive blog roll, I highly suggest you pay a visit to her site.  She also linked to an article, courtesy of the Washington Post,  that pays homage to Victoria DeLong,  the FSO who lost her life when her house collapsed.   

Since then I have learned that family members of another officer were also killed during the earthquake (with an official statement posted here on the State Department web-site).  Andrew Wyllie lost his wife (on her birthday, no less) and two sons in the tragedy.  I found a blog written by a friend of his who was living in Haiti at the time, and knew the family.    He writes poignantly of those he had befriended who lost their lives, and has included photos from happier times.  It is a very touching tribute, and should not be missed.


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