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January 23, 2010

The little mimic

borrowed Cait's iPod today to listen to a bit of Abba.  He enjoys almost any kind of music, and more importantly loves to copy those around him.  Hopefully no one out there will seriously think that my child actually uses earbuds to listen to music, but, just in case, he doesn't.  He simply enjoys emulating his sisters who only occasionally use them. 

IMG_1439 IMG_1440 IMG_1441



  He also had another introduction today to the art of finger-painting.  I know, the horror, 23 months old and the only artistic mediums he has thus far painted in are mud and/or sand.  Yes, we are pathetically behind the art curve.  I am much better (these days) at the getting to the park or play area than I am in the artistic realm.  He is just so rough and tumble and really needs big energy releases.

I realized, though, that I bought this finger paint set ages ago and never bothered to use it, primarily because I misplaced the paper.  Turns out it was under the couch (where it belongs, of course) and found it when I was straightening up for yet another Brownie event at our house this afternoon.

IMG_1443 IMG_1446IMG_1452 

I broke it out while the girls were working on a project (sort of a surprise for someone somewhere out there), and he was completely mystified.  I put the paper in front of him, dabbles of paint, and even tried to swirl some.  He loved the 'designs' Kelsey and I created, and even went so far as to declare my blob of blue 'the ocean'.  Finally we tried with paintbrushes and he sort of got the idea.  The girls got into it, and the trio had another successful hour of playing together without any friction. In fact, he became so interested in the painting, that he found a more durable and interesting canvas than his paper caddy.....no worries, the Nicholas was not really upset, just a little overdue for a nap.



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