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April 20, 2010

24 months, 26 months

IMG_1747really what's the difference? The Little Guy finally had his two year check-up today.  I realize he is 26 months old tomorrow, and I know this is a bit late.  However, with the exception of the rare cold, which is generally solved with rest, lots of water, a tad bit of nursing, and the occasional homeopathic remedy, the boy just doesn't get sick, and we rarely go to the doctor.  Or maybe it's all of the lollipops and sugar cereal?

 IMG_1743Since I am busy being a lazy mom (see previous post), I forgot about the whole check-up business.  When I remembered, I put it on the list for next week (and the next week, and the next week...).  Finally, last week, I got it together and called, and we had a brief sojourn to the pediatrician today.

IMG_1709-1 IMG_1707-1 All was well until we tried to leave the waiting room, and had to leave a truck behind.  He was furious, but I understood:  trucks are his life.  Given his current obsession with trucks, trains, and everything else transportation-related, this was akin to removal of a limb (in his mind).  He ended up getting the truck back, eventually and this was quite a relief.  He spent most of the rest of the appointment on the floor discussing 'playing trucks' for the doctor. He was calm, I 'thoughtfully' answered the doctor's questions, and LG ended up getting a great report on his language skills and weight gain.  I am a bit skeptical of the language business given the parameters she gave me, but it made her happy, so who am I to rain on her parade?

IMG_4307Officially, he weighs 30 pounds, and is 35 inches tall...which really just means that he has grown (tell my back something it doesn't know), and that's good.  Now, I would go ahead and schedule Kelsey's visit, but since I forgot to do last year's until July....

Since it wouldn't be a post about Little Guy if I didn't put up a few recent photos him performing some of his favorite activities: 

  • running and hiding from Mommy, then grinning like a banshee when found
  • hanging out with Sissa
  • dumping half a box of cereal on the table, and spending the morning pushing it around in a dump truck...though a "boosseleeay" (we like to think he is trying to say bulldozer in French) might do the job better...
  •  just being a happy, grinny Little Guy
 Why do they have to grow up so quickly?


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oh he is just too adorable!!! Love those chunky cheeks!
PS I've forgotten the check up before...

YAY! It's the dumped cereal picture, complete with offending wrist!

Jen, that is TOO. CUTE!

My boys used to love and adore trucks and such, as well. Some of the best ones they loved were Playmobil! Playmobil does trucks and such really well!

Ahhhhhh, the memories....

Don't feel bad. None of my kids have been for a checkup since we got here.

Thank you...that was my favorite pic of the week!

Oh, he has completely absconded with all of Kelsey's Playmobil stuff...and, yes, there it is, in all of its glory!

Just so darn hard to fit them in, and when they are generally healthy...

He is utterly adorable... too too cute for words! And he's a tall little guy... lucky him!!

And you're right, they do grow so fast... I swear I blinked my eyes and my LG is almost 1.

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