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April 03, 2010

Caught red-handed!

IMG_4227 In every sense of the meaning.  Little Guy up and disappeared on us this morning (no worries, for a whopping 2 minutes), but you know when it gets too quiet, and they don't answer when you call, you begin to wonder...he could be quietly playing cars or quietly creating a masterpiece on the wall with an ill-gotten marker.

I wondered more when I couldn't find him, walked into the office, and heard a funny rustling sound.  I looked around the corner...and found him peeking out from the closet, his sister's Jelly Belly bag in hand.  Guess he knows a tasty treat when he sees it?  

Note to self:  Jelly Bellies must be stored much, much higher.  In fact, too high for me to reach probably best!


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OMG! that look on his face is PRICELESS!!

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