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April 21, 2010



It's all one has heard about for days, and the news may not end anytime soon.  I probably should have posted something sooner, but since we aren't there, it seems hard to have a true opinion.  I have heard from friends there, and have gleaned that it is not the disaster (for Iceland) that it could be.  After hearing snippets here and there, reading (hopefully) reliable reports, and listening to an interview by The World  with the President of Iceland, my suspicions were confirmed that it is having a much greater effect on other areas of the world.

Volcano2 I realize elsewhere things are crazy, people are trapped in many areas of Europe, shipments are coming to a standstill and travel plans are being disrupted right and left.  However, in Iceland, it is by all appearances, if nothing else...a photographer's paradise.  Every photo that pops up on the internet, especially Facebook (thank you to our Icelandic friends for posting frequently), is a new and fantastically awesome photo of this incredible act of God.

I know it seems awful. I know it might seem like a disaster in many respects.  However, I like to think of it as a reminder that there are things out there that we can't control and sometimes we just need to let go and be amazed by what Mother Nature can do when she puts her mind to it.

For a teeny bit of humor regarding the pronunciation of the name of the volcano, try this video below:

*The photos above are courtesy of our friend, Mary.  Many thanks to her for sharing these views of the billows of smoke that could be seen from the backyard of her summer house.

And one more video just in case you need another good laugh:

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BEST. VIDEO. EVER!!!!!!!!!

That video was so funny that my kids and I watched it over and over again!

And you're right ... those are gorgeous pictures. Awesome post! I can't get over that video!

Oh, YAY! You added the Colbert Report video!

That is a funny video... I didn't even TRY to pronounce it. I'd totally butcher the pronunciation.. And bummer, the Colbert video didn't download for me - cruddy internet that I have!

Nah, I have to fix the link. There is something weird with it, will fiddle with it...

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