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April 25, 2010

In 6 weeks and 1 day,

 we will be at the local 'suite hotel of your choice' busily loading up the car with the suitcases and checking the hotel room to make sure we have every toy, piece of clothing and knick-knack.  The movers will have come and gone and extraneous items they forgot will likely fill a box in the trunk.  The cat will be safely ensconced somewhere that is not the rear of said vehicle (he, too, inherited the car sickness gene).  We will finish up, check out of the hotel, and probably do one last drive by the house.  Nope, I swear I am not tearing up...


I do that a lot (both gulping and tearing up) lately, because while the above paragraph makes it sound as though everything has just fallen together as easily as a 24 piece puzzle, that is not quite the case. Instead, we have an incredibly short list of completed items and a very long list of things that we either cannot do or I simply have not had the time/energy/desire to face.

The short list:

  • We have a house under contract that has for all intents and purposes, passed inspection.  I no longer wake up sweating and shaking with fear each morning.
  • Did I mention we have a house?

The long list:

  • Orders: we have none.  Without orders we can't even plan a pack-out.  No orders, no date for the movers.
  • The cat:  um, yeah, he is not vomiting, I mean, driving across country with us.  Must come up with flying/boarding plan for the sweet, dear, little Bailey.  
  • The house: we gave our notice.  We are out of here on 31 May, and must have oodles of stuff done (carpets cleaned, etc.) between the time our stuff leaves and we technically vacate.  However, since no idea when the movers are even coming...
  • The schools here:  in order to not face reality, I haven't yet really given notice to the schools.  Well, Kelsey's teacher knows, but I have to buckle down and write to both of the principals this week.  Actually, I have to write to several as...
  • The schools there:  have no idea we are coming.  I know people move in suddenly to a new district and just show up with their burgeoning bags of supplies, but I would love for the kids to at least get a glimpse of their new educational environments prior to the end of the school year.  This, however, means I have to actually get off my duff and write to both of the new schools...and maybe the Montessori, while I am at it...though I really doubt Nicholas would start preschool before the new year. 

Since I am clearly excellent at procrastinating, and have so much free time, why not fill it with more exploration?  We were supposed to attend a Greek Dinner tonight in Castro Valley, but it was canceled at the last minute.  Kelsey was devastated as she is in love with everything Greek.  I wasn't sure what to do, so came up with the second best idea:  dinner at a local Greek Tavern.

It was recommended by our friends who are very, very Greek.  They participated in the festival last October, and it was their church that was to host the dinner tonight.  On their word, we drove over to Livermore and supped at Demetri's Taverna in the middle of downtown.

If a long line is a good sign, then we were in the right place.  There was a crowd hunkered around the front desk and choking up the free space on the patio, so I put our name the minute I could nab someone who looked remotely in charge of the waiting list.  We were promised a table in 30-35 minutes.  Normally that would sound a bit ominous with a toddler in tow, but the sidewalk that bordered the patio also abutted a gorgeous green space.

Numerous children and their parents were running up and down, playing tag, hanging out at the nearby fountain, and enjoying their pre-dinner time by burning off a little extra energy.  The kids raced each other, stomped on puddles in the fountain, and lolled about in the grass until it was time for dinner.  Livermore is generally known for its wineries, but one should also note that the downtown is downright adorable, completely walkable, and has quite the selection to satisfy almost every palate.

We were seated in fairly short order, and it was not a Greek festival, but the food very much met our expectations.  Nicholas ate his weight in hummus, I could not get enough of the House Spreads & Olives appetizer, and we all agreed the grilled garlic bread was divine.  We couldn't even think of trying the baklava, but I have a feeling it would not have disappointed.  There's always next time...right? 


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Oh the tearing up... I get it. I so get it! Our lists are very similar. And you're leaving just a few days before me. Hope your orders come in soon... that is THE worst part of it all (IMHO).

Oh, yes, I was just going to say something about the orders, but then Jill beat me to it.

Holy cow, the orders! I hope they come soon. And I cannot fathom what you will do with the cat. Are you guys driving and the cat flying? Are some of you flying, or just the cat? Have I missed this part?

Ugh, girl - I can't even imagine the logistics. Are you shipping cars? Will Peter be able to drive with you? Wow.

Good luck. Six weeks can feel like six days or six years depending on the moment. I hope everything falls into place.

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