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April 29, 2010

It's a little smudged,

IMG_1798 but the feeling is there.  It's Teacher Appreciation Week at Kelsey's school. On Tuesday, each child was to take in a card of some sort.  Kelsey wrote out this card for her teacher, and then enclosed a Starbucks gift card.

I didn't read the card until she was tucked into her bed.  I didn't tear up, but I thought it was incredibly sweet.  I remember liking some of my teachers, but never to the point of not wanting school to end or being upset about leaving school early.

Fast forward to our car ride home tonight.  We were out getting shoes for her First Communion (on Saturday), and ran a few more quick errands.  We were on the way home and almost to our exit when it hit me that I had completely blanked on tomorrow's teacher treat.  It can be anything from a pack of stickers to a hand-written card.  What did Kelsey come up with?

"I want to make Mrs. H. a card, and put a photo of me on it, and then she will always remember me."

Cue waterworks on my part.  It's not even the leaving, in this case, it is her matter-of-fact responses to everything.  Even when we asked how she felt about the move recently, she simply stated,

"Well, let's move and then we can always come back and visit.  I could come back next spring for maybe a week and visit with my friends.  Let's do that, that's a good idea."

Is there such a thing as being too well-adjusted? 


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Ah ... our kids are often way more resilient than we think they are!

Such sweet girls and a great Mom.

Awww.... that is so difficult. I know how hard it is to leave.

Hugs to you guys....

How sweet!

Thanks! They are very resilient...I think I worry things way too much sometimes!

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