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May 31, 2010

And they're off...

IMG_2025 IMG_4623 IMG_4634 With a giant belch of exhaust, the truck heaved to the left...to the right...back to the left...then righted itself again and managed to finally pull forward.  All 15,000 pounds (give or take) of our 'stuff' was headed east.  Odd for a change that our household goods will only be crossing rivers and going through woods, save for 250 pounds.  The only items shipped over any large body of water will be those that Peter chooses to send by UAB to you-know-where.

I have to say this must be the least stressful move yet.  I finally let go of the notion that we have to do everything ourselves, and hired painters and house cleaners.  Brilliance in action and well worth the money.  We were able to focus on the move, not fret about matching colors or whether the fridge was clean enough, and Peter (bless him) uttered the magic words when the maids left yesterday,

"I am hiring a maid/housecleaning team to come to the house next year on a biweekly basis."

It just doesn't get more romantic than that.

Now don't get your panties in a wad or think he's gone off the deep end, but with three kids, a cat, maybe a dog (yes, it's time, a shelter visit is in order..), he decided that's a necessity.  You know what? After parceling out jobs during this move, I have realized that doing it all on a regular basis (much less just during a move) is a worry I don't want.  I think a little help may just aid me with holding onto my sanity over the next year...along with exercise (really need a good Yoga class), learning how to sew (and knit),  photography lessons, that occasional glass of vino, and, of course, my dear, sweet kiddos and all of their activities.

IMG_4643 IMG_4647 Now before all of that happens, we have to finish up life here.  In case you are wondering, we are sort of pretending everything is status quo.  Kelsey went to Camporee* this weekend and I will assume is having an absolute blast.  When we aren't trying to Freecycle remaining items (anyone need a stainless steel wastebasket for their office?), we are enjoying local events like the San Ramon Farmers Market (The Green Lantern's grilled artichokes are not to be missed) and the San Ramon Art and Wind** Festival.  We are hitting favorite eateries for the last time and I will have one final jaunt into the city this week.  It's hard to imagine that this time next week we will be on our way...

Oh, that reminds me: the itinerary.  Some have asked, and here is the (extremely) tentative plan:

  • 6 June, depart San Ramon and stop in/around Barstow area
  • 7 June, drive to Flagstaff
  • 8 June, visit the world's largest hole in the ground (just couldn't resist...) and head to New Mexico
  • 9 June, drive, drive, drive and spend the night in Oklahoma City
  • 10 -12 June, an 'extended' stay in Memphis (technically Germantown) to hang with the 'rents and eat the world's best BBQ!
  • 12 June, drive, drive, drive and spend the night somewhere on the TN/VA border
  • 13 June, arrive in Edgewater (home of Baby Nate!), and celebrate a certain someone's birthday...

IMG_4648IMG_4649So, until next Sunday,  we are happily ensconced in our second room in ye Old Residence Inn.  We received a hearty welcome from the staff upon check-in and enjoy the fact that Caitlin can walk to and from school (and the library!) for one more week.  Nicholas is sad to miss the carpool with "John John" (Cait's carpool buddy), but we still have the frantic race to get Kelsey to school...at least some things don't change.

*End of the year Girl Scout Camping trip...s'mores, tents, hiking, swimming in lakes, campfires, and scary stories galore. 

** Nicholas decided that the firetrucks were THE reason for the festival.  They had the ladder extended all the way...if there had been an "ananance", too,  we might never have seen the rest of the goings-on...


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Yay for the biweekly housecleaning!! Way to go, Peter!

I've forgotten how incredibly, wonderfully nice it is to have someone else's helping hands. Here at the Oakwood offshoot, they come in once a week. What a huge, huge, huge difference. Yes, your hands are incredibly full, and you will need that extra help and support. I wholeheartedly agree with Peter (again)! And indeed, it (housecleaning) doesn't get any more romantic than that!

Glad you've come to terms with hiring "help." I think it does make a huge difference, move-wise, and you'll definitely have better things to do than scrub toilets over the next year or so. (OK, so we all have better things to do. But you know what I mean.)

"ananance" so precious!! Isn't it liberating to realize that help is ok to ask for??

Good luck over the next few weeks. I hope the trip goes well, and is uneventful besides those that are planned.
Yes, nothing is more romantic than a husband having a wonderfully inspired idea.

Woo hoo! So glad your stuff is off and you're done with the BIG job of moving. 15000 lbs... I can't imagine the sheer number of boxes. Of course I say that forgetting how many boxes I have in storage from before our 1st overseas move in 2003 - not sure I even remember what's in the unit!

So you're driving across country. I told Matt that and for whatever reason he seemed to think that you were driving... not like he'd know or anything. :) Hope you have a great time! One of my most favorite trips was the cross country drive we did when I was 10. I loved stopping at all the major tourist sites...

Oh and eat a yummy BBQ meal for me! I'll wave to you as we fly over you somewhere on the road on the 12th... look up when you see the big Lufthansa plane!

Here's to sanity for both of us ... as we arrive at our destinations around the same time!

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