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May 06, 2010

First Communion and a little surprise...

After close to 9 months of preparation, Kelsey made her First Communion on Saturday.  The parent meetings, retreats, the Reconciliation, family lessons at home, the hunt for the dress, rehearsal, and many random discussions led up to the ceremony on Saturday afternoon.  Despite my fears something (anything) would go awry, the day seemed to flow smoothly from one event to the next.

IMG_4357 IMG_4359 IMG_4361 IMG_4365 IMG_4366

In atypical Jen fashion, I actually thought ahead and not only had Kelsey's hair appointment (for a cut) early in the week, but planned to have her hair done at the salon the morning of the First Communion. We need only show up with the dress in hand (the veil was already there) and Kelsey relaxed while Daniella worked her magic. I was able to relax, take photos, and not stress out over the fact that I was not able to get every hair perfectly in place.  Much more fun for all involved!

Once Kelsey's hair was finished, she donned her dress and tights, and slipped into her shoes.  Daniella's next client oohed and aahed over her as we exited the salon, and we hurried home so that I could get into my Sunday best.

We had a small window of time before we needed to be at the church, so Kelsey, in all of her finery, and Nicholas were able  to Skype with Grandpa and Nonni Dinoia while I got ready.  Grandpa Kirk, who had flown in from Tennessee (and missed the terrible rains and flooding throughout the state), picked up a last minute necessity for Kelsey, and we headed to the church.  Since there were so many First Communicants, there were 7 ceremonies spread out over three weekends. Not only did this prevent overcrowding, but gave each family had their own pew at the ceremony, and views were rarely obstructed.

IMG_3373 IMG_3376 We arrived in a timely manner, took a few photographs, dropped off Kelsey in the bride's room, and waited for it to begin.  And?

It was beautiful and touching.  We had thought during rehearsal that the directions were a bit much, but all of the rehearsing paid off and there was nary a hitch.  Despite the many directives the children had to learn in a short time, the mass seemed to flow smoothly.  We were lucky enough to have the Children's Choir singing for the ceremony (not all will have the choir present) and the special surprise?

IMG_3386 Caitlin and her friend were cantors for the ceremony.

The Children's Choir director had written to me a few weeks before to ask if Cait might be able to cantor for two of the three ceremonies on Saturday.  I gave permission, but realized that Cait might balk if her nerves got the best of her.  I was so grateful that she not only didn't hesitate, but embraced the challenge, and sang with all of her heart on Saturday.  I had so hoped that somehow Cait would be able to contribute to the ceremony, but had never imagined that sort of participation.  

IMG_3413 It was truly a family event, as unlike my First Communion, or Cait's, for that matter, both parents accompanied the child to the altar.  When it was time for the children to receive the bread for the first time, all of the communicants and parents were on the altar together, forming a giant horseshoe (photo ops were minimal at best).  We received communion together, listened to the children sing as a group, and then were dismissed after a hearty congratulations.

IMG_3434  IMG_3461 IMG_4405

We were lucky that not only were two of Kelsey's friends (and their families) were able to attend, but that she was in the same ceremony (and across from) another schoolmate/CCD friend, Anna.  We ended up merging our post-ceremony celebrations in quiet alcove at a local restaurant, and the girls were thrilled to have so many friends with whom they could share their day.  Considering how our next few weeks may be a bit hectic, it was quite a relief to spend the afternoon enjoying a leisurely dinner with friends and family.


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Oh, how adorable!

I remember the dress and veil hunt, and I love what you chose! And I can't get over her adorable ringlets after her hair appointment!! How cute!

Congratulations on your First Communion, Kelsey!

It sounds like it was a perfect day! And she looks so beautiful. I have to agree with Kolbi, her dress is gorgeous. You must be one proud Mama!! Congratulations!

What a great day! I am so glad that everything went so well, and that everyone had a good time. That is truly a success!

It's Friday, and it’s the Weekly State Department Blog Roundup’s Three Month Blogiversary - and you're on it!

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Thank you for everything! You have helped our family so very much - you are a treasure!

Adorable, adorable, adorable! Love how you documented everything. As life has totally taken over this week, I look forward to the weekend and being able to read all that you've been up to!

And yes, I still owe you a phone call. And an e-mail. Hope everything is great with you!

Thank you, thank you! It was such a great day, and so much fun!

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