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May 03, 2010

One of my goals

IMG_4409 since we moved to California has been to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Honestly, I didn't even care if I  walked across the entire structure, but at least wanted to step up there, walk out, look down at the water, and embrace the 360 degree views.  I finally did that today.

Yesterday was Kelsey's First Communion and it's pretty hard to top the excitement of that day (posting still under construction).  We realized we probably needed a bit of a break today, especially since yesterday's celebration turned into a sleepover, and we were just all drained (in a good way).  We talked briefly about things to do and bandied about local hikes.  I realized that was also something we could do during the week, and I had promised the girls that we absolutely, positively would make it back to Crissy Field before we left.  I realized this was the time to do it: Dad was in town, Crissy Field is smack next to the bridge, and let's face it, we are really running low on time.

Am I upset about the last statement?  No.  I know I have probably come off as ridiculously over-worried about certain aspects of the move recently, and for that, I should know better.  I should just count my blessings and get over myself:  Peter has a decent job, we aren't homeless, we can afford to eat (well, at that), and things will fall into place one way or the other.  Oh, and we *might* have orders, but I am not going to stress it one way or the other anymore.

We tried to get an early start this morning, but the Gods conspired against us, and I owe them one for that.  Turns out today was Escape from Alcatraz.  We wondered why parking at Crissy Field seemed to be at a premium, and then Pete reminded me (well, told me) that one of our friends was participating in said event.  I don't remember any discussion about this, but between the race, and the gorgeous, sunny day...there was not a parking spot to be had in the East Beach area.

We realized this might be a sign we should just head to Fort Point.  Peter started driving there, but Kelsey needed a bathroom break as we approached the Warming Hut.  This was not the inconvenience we thought it was, as we finally figured out the Battery East Trail (to the Bridge) was just yards away from the Hut.  We were literally 100 steps and then a short walk away from the bridge.

I had not bothered with either the stroller or the Ergo, and I am grateful for that thought. Little Guy enjoyed the hike almost as much as we did.  Most of the trail was very toddler-friendly and I hate the thought of him not expending that energy as he should.  Fifteen minutes after we started, with only a few stops for photo ops, we made it.

IMG_4421 We only walked about a third of the way across, but that was enough for me.  For a few moments, we had an incredible vantage point that we shared with just a handful of other folks.  And, if you are wondering, I just realized that none of us were bothered by the height.  The bridge vibrated a bit due to the incredible amount of traffic, but nothing that worried any of us. The views had us mesmerized and awestruck.

It was not climbing Mount Everest or even Escape from Alcatraz.  It was, however, something else we can check off our list and, if I am correct, a day the girls won't forget for a very long time.


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Oh, I've always wanted to do that! Of course, I've never even been to Northern California...

Hi hi hi friend ... I've been totally MIA this past week - so I'm slowly catching up on what's cooking in the Dinoia household!!

Love that you walked somewhat across the bridge. Very cool - I've never done it. You guys are really doing some exciting things - and getting the heck out of the house. I'm going to have to bookmark so many of the pages of your blog as ideas for when we visit my folks in August!

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