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May 23, 2010

Santa Cruz

IMG_1921 IMG_1927 Last Saturday, as I was hanging over the boardwalk on in Santa Cruz on the Sky Glider, I once again lamented our imminent departure.  I realize I must sound like a broken record with regard to the "there is so much to do here" business, but darn it (again), there is still just too much to do! 

The trip to Santa Cruz last weekend was a reward trip for Kelsey's Brownie Troop.  They earned a tidy sum selling cookies and although some funds are being donated, we wanted them to enjoy a bit of their earnings.  They chose a field trip to the Boardwalk, and we apparently planned it for a gorgeously sunny, but not too hot Saturday in May. 

IMG_4507 IMG_4508 It had its ups and downs (don't they all), but I felt by the end of the day, it was safe to categorize the trip as a success.  The girls romped and picnicked on the beach, ran into each other at the bumper cars, rode roller coasters, and in general, had a great time.  There were a few tears here and there (should I say they all seemed to be on my daughter's part?) but nothing like a few Dippin Dots (apparently no longer the "Ice Cream of the Future") to bandage any wounds. 

IMG_4525 I didn't buy the all-access pass (wrist bracelet), but managed to take in two rides, one of which was the Giant Dipper.  It was a hard, noisy roller coaster ride, but so much fun.  I couldn't bring myself to purchase the obligatory picture of me at one particularly harsh turn, but just imagine my hair on end, mouth pasted open in a frightened grin, and fists gripping the handlebars for dear life...you get the picture.  Oh, and note the day it opened?  I had to ride it after I saw that, considering 86th anniversary was only two days away.

Now I was good and avoided most of the Boardwalk fare, but the funnel cakes just called to me.  I skipped the ice cream and gloppy strawberries, and ordered the "original" which is the cake sprinkled with a light dusting of powdered sugar. Even that was a bit much, but thankfully the girls were willing to help me finish it off.

IMG_1932 After walking up and down the Boardwalk and investigating it fairly seriously, I felt it was like others that we have been to in the past with the exception of the items in the photograph.  Your name* in lights (or bold-face type) in my next blog post if you correctly guess the item's name.  I was a bit frightened by the idea, but have no doubt some folks love it as a special Boardwalk treat.

The day went by much more quickly than we anticipated, and soon we were headed home.  The girls seemed to have the time of their lives, and although I was not sure what to expect, I was pretty thrilled with the outcome.  If you are in the Santa Cruz area, and have the chance, it's definitely not a bad way to spend a sunny Saturday.

As it turns out, the Boardwalk was not much closer to home than other parts of Santa Cruz. Our drive was easily 90 minutes one way, and the GPS veered us slightly off track once, making the trip a tiny bit longer.  Happily, there was parking just across the street from the boardwalk, only $11 and an easy walk if you felt like dropping off the lunch bags prior to starting the rides.  As with other areas in Northern California, light jackets are always helpful, even on sunny days, as well as hats and sunscreen.  If you or your traveling companions opt to romp in the sand or water, you might consider a change of clothes and most definitely a towel.

*Sadly, Shannon and Peter are not eligible due to the email photo they received that afternoon explaining said items.  It was too shocking not too share!


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Darling picture of you and Kelsey!

Mercy, lady. You make me look (and feel) like such a sloth!

Well, look at it this way - now you have motivation to return to visit and do the things you didn't have time for while you lived there :)
I can't wait to visit NM next time to hit a few spots that we missed while we lived in Las Cruces - and we did a lot of NM weekend road trips!

Hi Jen,

I think I've met you at some HMN event/meeting or another. I found your blog from your signature in an email (I think?) and have been enjoying reading your recent posts.

I am selfishly disappointed that you are moving away because in your past few blog entries I've found some places that I had not heard about before and am now planning on going. I hope you will not be removing your blog entries about the Bay Area as I'm hoping to use them as a 'neat places to see' resource :)

I hope that you have a wonderful experience in your next home (I don't remember where it is) and I'm planning on staying subscribed to your blog so I can learn about fascinating places somewhere else! :)

~Robin :)

Great pics, especially the one of you and Kelsey! Looks like you guys are making the very most of your remaining CA time. Look forward to seeing you next month. Hope you all have a great trip out!

Oh how I love Santa Cruz and the Boardwalk... such fun memories going there growing up. My parents want to take the kids there this summer... we'll see how that goes!

But Capitola is my fave... love the beach there.

And yeah, can't believe how long of a drive it is from where you live... yikes!

Once again, I'm loving this post as it reminds me of sooo many fun times from when we lived there. And if I remember correctly, I too gag when I think about ever trying a deep fried twinkie! I may have eaten a twinkie or two growing up, but deep fried, come on, even I have my limits :) And I have to say I agree with Jill, I love Capitola and Pleasure Point (right up the hill). We lived about 5 minutes from Capitola Beach and East Cliff Drive. Ahhh, such great memories!

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