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May 16, 2010


IMG_4503 Wednesday afternoon arrived, and while looking at my calendar, I realized Friday was a giant blank.  I suppose this is generally good news, but given our shrinking window of time here, I don't advocate spending too much time on the homefront.  There is still so much too explore and I can't justify keeping Little Guy cooped up during the day while I sort through baubles and knick-knacks.  Yes, I am always looking for a reason to procrastinate the inevitable.

I wrote to my all-park and museum-knowing friend, Linda, to see if she might have any ideas and/or get the little guys together.  She mentioned several: Lake Anza, Sunol and the Chabot Science Center.  We ended up deciding on Sunol, perhaps knowing it was going to be a sunny, good for throwing rocks in the creek sort of day.

IMG_4490 IMG_4493 IMG_4494 IMG_4501

 It's a fairly quick drive to the area, though one does hit the windy roads going in and out of the park.  We parked in the general parking lot, and were surrounded by local school children on a field trip.  The sun was shining brightly, and we immediately headed down to the creek.

Linda noted that the water was rather low in the creek, which while maybe not ideal for nature, gave us a larger playground that morning.  Instead of having to stand on the sloping banks, we were able to sit on the higher parts of the creek bed while Nicholas and Cy ran around, threw rocks (we aren't at the skipping level yet) and enjoyed being shoeless and fancy-free.

  IMG_4495 IMG_4496 We even opted to have our picnic in the creek bed, and the boys ate and played for another hour.  Given Nicholas's eating habits (eat/play/eat/play), this worked out for the best.  It was truly a gorgeous day, and while hats and glasses were necessary while in the direct sunlight, it was not blazing hot. The tall, stately trees provided a splendid respite on an as needed basis.

Overall rating?  Have a curious, loves to throw rocks, and stomp in the creek type of toddler?  This is your place!  Just don't forget your picnic lunch, water, sun gear, change of clothes (for those water exploring types), and a towel.  Water shoes, too, if you might be exploring in the creek for extended periods.


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Oh Sunol!!!! It's been so long since I've been there... and am just so darn bummed that you're going to all these cool places and I"m going to miss doing them with you by such a short amount of time!

Your blog is such a great resource for me when I get back to Nor Cal... Looking forward to what's next?

Jill, thanks, as usual, for your kind words *blushing* and stay tuned! After all, we don't depart until the 6th of June....

That looks like an awesome place to spend the day! Kieran wouldn't let me move from the pictures just now :)

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