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June 01, 2010


IMG_2053-1 Nicholas's expression says it all:  we are feeling a bit footloose and fancy-free.  Peter cleaned up the leftover dregs at the house last night..(you know, those little items that seem to escape the first five look-sees) and met with the property manager today.  The walk-through seemed to go well and there was a handshake, a return of keys and garage door openers and the final farewell.  We are now completely finished with the house and can truly relax for the next few days.

While I am sure we will be anxious to get settled once we arrive in Virginia, there is something...no...a lot... to be said for living with fewer items.  We have not finished our de-cluttering and reorganizing and those two items are still on my task list for next year.  Theoretically, we could be headed out again in 14 short months and I would love a move as stress-free as this one.  

After Peter returned home (definition: wherever we are living at the moment)  we headed back to the Art & Wind Festival to celebrate. Kelsey had arrived home from Camporee late this morning.  She was safe, sound and exhausted, but still had plenty of energy to look for snow cones and cotton candy.  The kids had fun on the bouncy rides, we enjoyed a bit of  very tasty fair fare, and Nicholas was able to watch (hold onto your hats) the ladder being put away on the really super-big and awesome Truck #34. 

IMG_1933 Speaking of "fair fare," kudos to Kristen of the McNabb Clan!  She correctly guessed that the items in question in my Santa Cruz post were none other than deep-fried Twinkies.  Nothing like that to make the funnel cake covered with goopy strawberry sauce seem high on the ol' ANDI scale.  Apparently she has not tried them either, so sadly, still not a clue as to what they might taste like...and perhaps that is a mystery best left unsolved?


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Ok, I have NEVER even heard of deep fried Twinkies - though it will DEFINITELY be on the menu when we head to the Boardwalk this summer...

And isn't it nice to be de-cluttered? I feel GREAT about the amount of stuff we've left behind this move... we really paired down every single thing and only took stuff we knew we'd use. However, I truly fear the worst whenever we move to DC next year and I have to retrieve the boxes from our storage unit. We did not do a good job dumping stuff in 2003... in fact, dare I say we did a lousy job and we'll be swimming in cr*p that doesn't work, is outdated, and just plain gross.

You rule the universe!

And I just *might* have mentioned you lately:


Maybe. Possibly.


I'll be eagerly awaiting Jill's post so that someone can finally give an answer to what they actually taste like :) I have to say, when we would walk past that particular booth, I was always curious!

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