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June 02, 2010

Iron Horse Trail

I know what you are thinking...another park? Don't you leave soon? Please...it's only Wednesday.  We don't depart until Sunday, and I can guarantee you we still have plenty of time to explore.  What's that you say?  How can you do that while saying your good-byes, finishing out the school year, attending concerts, and the like?

IMG_4652 It's quite simple if the good-byes are centered around more adventures.  Today's was rather simple, and in an area which I haven't discussed much, but certainly deserves some attention:  the Iron Horse Trail.  As the name might imply, this used to be part of the Southern Pacific Railroad.  Instead of being abandoned and neglected, it was turned into a trail that is used by bikers, walkers, strollers, skaters, runners, and scooterers galore.

IMG_4654 Not long after I arrived in the East Bay, I joined a walking group that would meet several times a week.  At least one of those jaunts was to be a fast-paced walk (and possible jog) along the trail.  The trail markers guarantee an easy way to keep track of one's distance while it trips and traipses through downtown Danville and the backyards of those that live nearby, and kept us on track for our minimum 3 mile round-trip. 

I can only describe a few of the many facets of the trail, as I have not had the experience of doing more than bits and pieces in Danville and San Ramon.  Personally, I have favored the lengths in Danville, but only due to the massive amounts of shade that the trees in the area provide.  Other parts of the trail in San Ramon, especially those that back to our current* abode, tend to be treeless and blazing hot under the summer sun.  Still, it offers one a wide swath of walking space, and for some, possibly an easy commute to and from work or school.

IMG_4657 Since we have been doing more outings with the Nature Group and fewer with the walking group (both run by the same fantastic leader, Linda), we have not walked along the downtown Danville portion of the trail in some time.  Today as a final playdate of sorts, Linda, her son, Cy, and Nicholas and I walked, Skuuted and scootered down the trail from the entrance of the Peet's parking lot (for lack of a better name) to the train car that sits behind the Museum of the San Ramon Valley.

IMG_4659 The boys played on the 'train', peeked inside and pretended to drive the wagons out front.  We didn't have a chance to investigate the museum, as there were too many rocks, sticks and the like to examine around the entrance.  We also were not so much in a museum mood as we were in a 'digging and rolling in the dirt' kind of mood. 

It's not technically a park, but the trail has become a play area of sorts for Nicholas. He first met many of his current playgroup friends on the path, despite (at the time) still being such a wee one who spent most of his time in the peanut shell.  Later on, he graduated to the Ergo or the BOB, depending on his mood. I am sure if we were here even another few months, he could be found Skuuting and then biking along the trail. 

IMG_4671 I know we will have hiking trails and the like in Virginia, but we will be hard-pressed to find a similar trail so close to home.  However, I have to admit that I have been a bit jealous of those who merely need to look out the window to see the trail.   While we have enjoyed the location of our home, if we were to live in the area again, I can't say we wouldn't want to live closer to this amazing path.  

*Kelsey playing in our 'backyard' which backs up to part of the San Ramon section of the trail.


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I love the Iron Horse Trail. We could pick it up right next to our apartment complex. We ran on it several times a week and on Sundays we walked along it for about a mile into downtown Walnut Creek for Peet's coffee and farmers' market.

Wow Jen, there is really so much to do there. So very much to do. I love how you've totally jumped in and gotten involved. I'm now counting on you to do all the legwork so I can follow in your footsteps when we move to DC next year!

I wanted to wish you the very very best in your new adventures - look forward to keeping up with you via your blog :)

It's Friday and that means that the State Department Weekly Roundup is up and you're on it! Check it out here:


If I used your blog and photo and you want one or both of them removed, please let me know!

This is a great place to walk or jog. Jen, Nick and I did a few miles on the Dublin section in 2009 when I was visited CA. May be hard to find something as nice (and long) in many other parts of the country.

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