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July 05, 2010

It's all about...


Lemonade stands with a hand-painted sign (that will likely hang in Nonni's garage for years to come)


Consuming said lemonade


Hanging out in the sandbox playing with cousins


Extra-large marshmallows


A reminder of how and why we can do all of the above without question.   A gift given to Peter by a friend as a good luck charm of sorts.  It is only to be given back to the friend upon Peter's safe return from his tour of duty.  I am already looking forward to witnessing that next summer and hope it will be accompanied by more lemonade and marshmallows.


From our family to yours:




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Ah ... what a great post. The last photo had me a bit choked up ... we all forget why we're celebrating the 4th ... great reminder!

Thanks! I was a bit choked up last night when Peter received it. The flag has already been brought back safely from both Iraq and Afghanistan, so we are counting on one more safe return (well, 4 including R&Rs!).

It was my pleasure to give him that flag. I know that I had tears when I gave it to him, but I just wanted him to have a small reminder of us. I look forward to getting it back next summer. It will truly be a celebration.

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