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July 01, 2010

Missing photos?

If you happened to read the previous post earlier in the day, and then recently read it again,  you may notice a few missing photos.  This particular blogger apparently inserted an inadvertently non-edited photo which was not supposed to be posted.  However, the error is due in part to the wonkiness of the blogger's MacBook (it's complaining about being 'low on memory'...whatever!) and the not so 'high-speed internet' of her hotel in Vacationland.

Due to a connection that does not even resemble dial-up, she cannot upload the properly edited photos. Hopefully, this situation can be rectified soon.  The vacation is over tomorrow and she will head to a new destination for another week where internet should be much faster.  Meanwhile, please understand that the photos that were in place did not portray accurate reflections of the subjects in said photos.  Hopefully this clears up any misconceptions.  

Mea culpa, thank you and have a good evening!  This blogger is off to enjoy her last night of vacation at the opening night of the Chincoteague Carnival!  Pictures will follow...in a few days.


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