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August 17, 2010

And now,

a bit of calm.

IMG_5055 IMG_5053 I know the previous post must have made me sound like a crazy.  Or maybe the combination of posts from the past few weeks.  One minute I am up, the next I am down, the next I am sailing through life like no one's business.  Welcome to life during a UT (Unaccompanied Tour).

IMG_5056 Yes, it finally hit me that this is simply what it's going to be like...one day will be awesome and organized, and the next will be my worst nightmare...and then we will ease back into a happy, semi-sort of normal.  I can't say today was that day, but it was certainly better.  I finally came to the conclusion that it might not hurt to start Nicholas in Montessori sooner rather than later.

For whatever reason, I have enormous guilt about sending him to school.  Little Guy is only 2.5 (actually, not technically til Friday) and despite the fact that I am fairly sure he would not only enjoy, but excel in school (Montessori, to be exact), well...I still worry.  I worry I will be judged, as though I have sent him off to some sort of military academy without nary a backward glance.  In reality, I could just use a few hours to myself.  And, as we all know, this is the only way...yes, honest to goodness, the only way that will happen.  However, I want him to be in a happy, safe and loving environment.

So today I made the call...or, more appropriately, wrote the letter.  I dashed off a quick email to the principal of the Montessori that both Caitlin and Kelsey attended.  Did I mention they loved it? A kid-friendly (of course) setting, plenty of outdoors time, healthy snacks encouraged, and extremely varied student backgrounds.

It was the typical letter..."not sure if you remember us, but..."...and then within an hour.."Oh, yes, of course!  Why, we do have a slot left and would love it if Nicholas would attend."  I promised a return note after discussing it with Peter...and discuss we did...and now it appears that if all goes well, Little Guy will start pre-school a bit sooner than originally planned.   I think, though, it will be good for all of us...and yes, an extra expense, but as I have been gently reminded, that's why we receive certain allowances...to allow for the unexpected.

Even better?  Those dollars will stretch a bit further now that I don't have visions of a medevac dancing in my head.  A certain someone was asked to sub the other night for his division's soccer team.  He complied and played goalie..and did a darn good job.  In fact, he made an incredible save and his team won.

CIMG0126-1 The bad news?  The incredible save required such a maneuver that he landed in the health unit this morning thinking that his shoulder might be permanently out of commission.  Not quite, turns out to be just a strain.  Not only did his save capture the win, but he is now sporting this awesome reminder of said save...and the other team has a new admiration for "Senor Peter".  He has also been asked to sub again in the future and considering the caliber of the other players, pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Last, but not least, I would be remiss if I did not add a note of appreciation for the comments...here, there and everywhere...they make a huge difference and remind me that I am far from alone in this journey.

The pictures?  The kids made dinner tonight and had so much fun with it...not really related to the post, but I think a certain Dad-Guy out there will enjoy them...



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Well as long as we're not judging ... I signed Grady up for a few mornings of 'preschool' as well. He starts in 4 weeks - and frankly, I could use the few hours a week to myself. I did the same thing for the girls when they were his age (of course it was much less expensive overseas) ... and they thrived. This will give Gray a chance to play with other kids, and me the time to cook dinner, clean the house, and for a few quiet moments, relax.

Good for you for doing what YOU need to do during this time - we're all in it together. And sometimes we just need to do what we need to do to make it through that particular day.

I had the same thought yesterday, that it will be a roller coaster, with a lot of the big hills in the beginning. Maybe not every day, but every month will get easier.

One of the benefits of this life you & Pete have chosen is that you are raising the world's most adaptable children. Adapting a hugely important skill, I think, and one many of their overscheduled, never-allowed-outside-their-comfort-zone peers will not find easily. If Nicholas did not thrive in Montessori, I would die from shock. He loves doing what his "sissas" do, and school will be no exception. Now, can we just find a way for him to ride a bus?

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