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November 03, 2010

I spy

While all three kids were home from school on Monday, yesterday was a day off only for Caitlin and Kelsey.  Prior to this entire "BC" mess, I had planned on taking the girls into the city to visit the Spy Museum on this particular Tuesday.  I had long been intrigued by the concept, but had been forewarned by others that LG may not yet appreciate all it has to offer.  Since it turned out that we still had a relatively free day, we went ahead with our plans (shockingly normal!).

IMG_0544 Caitlin surprised all of us by actually hauling her tired self out of bed by 9:30 a.m. (it's hard reading until 3 a.m. and then being expected to get out of bed before noon on a day off!).   Peter purchased tickets for the 11 a.m. tour and we drove into the city (which breaks my green, eco-concious heart, but since it would cost us 3x as much to take the Metro as it would to drive....).  We parked, walked the whopping two blocks to the museum and took the one and only picture we could.  For whatever bizarre reason, one cannot take photos inside the museum.

I thought momentarily I was some sort of criminal type as it seemed like my iPhone had 'accidentally' snapped a photo while I was in the "choose your disguise" room.  Sadly, it was not the case (and the photo would have only been of the floor).  The verdict?  

The kids liked it, Peter liked it, and I thought it was interesting.  I probably would had more fun, but I knew in the back of my mind it was just a distraction.  I did enjoy actually being able to peruse the museum at my own pace, as that has not happened in ages.  While I love Little Guy dearly, I absorb next to nothing when we take him to a museum.  Ever tried following a whirling dervish through the Museum of Natural History or any other museum, for that matter?

After absorbing oodles of information on every spy and double agent out there, being cajoled to purchase half of the gift shop, and watching a theft nearly take place in said gift shop, it was time to leave.  What is it about kids and gift shops...why do they always want what they already have?  We have a perfectly good set of real handcuffs at home, but NOOOO, gotta have the cheap souvenir junk. 

I thought the perfect way to cap the day in the city would be a tasty lunch downtown.  The only problem? I have not been to that part of DC in ages (yes, I am embarassed to admit that) and had no clue what was around.  I Yelped nearby restaurants and found a Latin American themed restaurant that seemed to fit the bill.  It was a bit pricey, but had crab-filled arepa on the menu as well as other tasty treats.

It was a total disaster. Not only had they just changed the menu, so the "seasonal" arepa dish was now a duck confit, but the kids' burgers came out covered in stuff they didn't order and raw as could be.  The guacamole was quite good (and ended up being free), but it just wasn't what we had desired.  Between the lack of arepas (they are NOT seasonal!), the messy burgers and me suddenly remembering what I was trying to forget, it was a lousy lunch.  I had to work to finish the tiniest salad on the planet and then escaped for a few minutes by myself while Peter dealt with a cranky Kelsey (well, they did royally screw up the order) and Cait, who must antagonize her  ("My burger is SOOO yummy!").

Part of the problem is that I had too much time to think during the morning.  I had plenty of time to reflect on last week and decided to dwell on the visit with the radiation oncologist that was less than stellar.  It probably would not have been so problematic, but the appointment was Thursday afternoon.  We found out Thursday morning that it would almost immediately followed by that ultrasound of my right ovary that I had been delaying.  Well, not delaying, but I simply had not scheduled it, as by the end of the week before last, I simply couldn't take any more bad news.

I figured I would get to the ultrasound eventually and since most everyone seemed convinced that the ovary issue was a naturally occuring blip, it wasn't urgent (in my mind).  The oncologist decided at my visit on Wednesday that it would behoove everyone to simply nip it in the bud and have the scan completed ASAP.  As luck would have it, there was an opening an hour after my visit with the radiation oncologist was over.  Thrilling, no?

To say I was not happy about meeting with the radiation guy was an understatement.  It was my 5th appointment of the week, and I was completely over meeting with people.  He noticed that I was not thrilled and thought it would be fun to play Dr. "I'm not going to sugarcoat" anything.  I was SO not in the mood and when I finally snapped at him that "I DO have options" he paused, admitted I was right and made his tone a little less threatening.  In reality, of all the things that may happen, I am probably the least stressed about the possibility of radiation treatments.  However, he caught me on the heels of an hour of Googling "treatments for ovarian cancer" and my mood was in the toilet. 

Fortunately, as with the chemo, radiation is not even on the table yet.  It won't be an issue unless they find "x" number of affected lymph nodes during the surgical procedure.  Supposedly, x=3, but I am sure if this guy has his way, x will = .01% of one node.  We went on our merry way after he softened his tone and realized that it was pointless to go much further since we did not have a complete diagnosis.

We still had an hour to kill prior to the ultra-sound, but we managed to fill that with lots of 'what-ifs' about both radiation and the possible results of the u/s.  Finally, we were called back and I got to have not only an abdominal ultrasound, but also a...you know what, I'll spare you the misery.  After 20 agonizing minutes and little or no talking on the part of the tech, she left for a consultation with the radiologist.  Another incredibly long and painful five minutes passed and she finally came back.

"The radiologist reviewed the ultra-sound and we can tell you that it's...

completely normal."

Not the response I expected given the somewhat grim look on her face, but our exhalations could likely be heard in California.  We practically skipped out of the office, and hurried home so Caitlin could make it to her voice class.  The best part?  The ultrasound not only capped off the week of appointments, but was also the final doctor's visit prior to "D-Day" next week.  I can't say that I am looking forward to November 11 at, gulp, 10:30 a.m., but at least we have a few normal days before then...



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Hubby talked with an ex-KGB agent when we were visiting the spy museum. I would have loved to know what of what was in the museum were things he knew or confirmed his suspicions and what might have been misrepresented...

Lunch sounds awful. While it is several blocks away, Old Ebbitt Grill is within walking distance, yummy, fairly reasonable for that sort of place, and pretty kid friendly. (Happily split the meals we ordered for the kids, still plating them attractively. Not too noisy, but not too quiet, either -- you know, good for kids. *grin*)

Continuing to pray for you as you walk through the uncertainties of diagnosis and treatment decisions.

And rejoicing at the great ultrasound news!

Great news! Hoping and praying that the next few weeks bring more and that you will soon be cancer free and on your way. Will keep you in mind next week. Hugs!

So relieved to hear about your ultrasound! Here's hoping for nothing but good news going forward!!!

so glad for some good news for you.

I'm so glad that your ultrasound went well.

What a bummer your stealthy photo didn't work out. I once accidentally (but not "accidentally") took a picture of the Declaration of Independence with my flash on. The security guard was not amused. To this day I feel bad I contributed to the deterioration of one of our country's most important and historical documents. (but maybe I'm secretly glad I have such a cool shot of it)

My comment earlier didn't stay for some reason. Great news on your ultrasound. Erm yes, I know how it is to take kids to the museum. And am I the only one to be bemused that you have real handcuffs at home? ;-)

I have the hardest time leaving comments, for some reason it likes to tell me my time for editing has expired and then it makes my comment disappear in cyberspace.

Anyway, my 10 year old would love that museum, and Spectrummymummy, I too wondered about the handcuffs. ;)

So glad for the good news. SO understand the bad moods. Hope you can relax and enjoy a few days, I know that's a tall order.

I'm so happy to hear about your good news with the ultrasound.

Thinking continued good thoughts for you and your family...

Woo-hoo! You're "normal"!!!!!!!! At least some of you anyway ;-) Great news!

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