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November 12, 2010

The Morning After

Pete here again with an update for everyone. The bad news is that hospital gowns have not evolved in step with modern fashion (see pic of my beautiful wife included for proof! (but in truth she makes anything look good)). The good news (as we had all hoped) is that the cancer had not spread and the lymph nodes are clean! The axillary node dissection was not needed.

Since the cancer did not spread to the lymph nodes, it means she may not need as much treatment as originally thought (it will still be a few more weeks until the doctors review all the test results to make a final determination).

Jen slept peacefully throughout the night. I too was able to catch a few winks. However, most of the time I just sat there and stared at this amazing woman in front of me. As I did, instead of thinking about what she has endured over the past month, I thought about all the joys we will experience together in the future!

The Morning After


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We should have thought to sew some fashion hospital gowns! Glad everything's going relatively well, though.

I am so glad everything went well. Jen definitely rocks the gown look!

Awesome news! So glad you are together for this part. Rest well and continue to fight for full recovery. Sorry to know that hospital gowns still lack any bit of runway glam, but Jen you wear it well! Keeping you in prayer.

Aah, you made me cry! What wonderful news on the lymph nodes. Now fingers crossed that the tests will confirm this. She looks very fetching in her stylish gown. Keep resting!

You look beautiful---you sure don't look like you just had surgery. So glad everything went well for you. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Jen is rocking the johnny! Great news! Wish I was there to give you guys a big hug, but I'm not so I'm sending it through the cosmos (did you just feel a little love?) Jo says hi and that Jen looks awesome!

So glad to hear it went well! I'm going to be in town next week and hope I can pop over to your house and drop off some goodies... :)

Pete, your comments made me cry. It's so touching that you are thinking of "all the joys we will experience together in the future." So true.
Wonderful news about the lymph nodes.

You are an amazing husband.. we are sending so much love and support to you all.

Glad it went better than expected. Here is to a full recovery!

Love the well-toned peak-a-boo shoulder look. First Lady Obama, take note!

So good to hear positive news!

What a huge relief. Hope you feel better with each passing day. Wishing you all the best as you head onto the road to recovery. You have a lot of support all over the world, Jen!!!!

Pete - you are a good, good man ... and I just want you to know that you 100% deserve every ounce of goodness and amazing-ness that is contained in the body of that wife of yours!!!

You guys both rock ... yay for the positive news ... full steam ahead!!

Jen, honey, you look awesome! You do NOT look like you just had surgery!

And Peter, totally awesome second blog post!!! Can we all hope that you become a regular? :)

So glad for all the great news!!

Jen and Pete,
I'm not sure anyone can read the last few posts and not shed a tear; for your struggle and loss but mostly for the love you two have and wonderful life your family will be sharing in your future. I'm so happy to hear you are doing well and that the cancer had not spread. Thank you for sharing this.

Great news! So glad that things came back well. Jen, you look wonderful. I can't believe you just had major surgery. Pete, your posts have touched me as well. You guys are a wonderful couple.

You know what she is saying in this picture:

"This is sooooooo lame."

I'm glad there has been good news

I agree with Sara, tears over here at the sweetness of these loving guest posts by Peter. So glad there was good news from the surgery. I am thinking of your family often.

The off-the shoulder look is great for Jen. So glad it went well, love to you both, sending a hug winging across the cosmos with Lauren*s!

SO glad to hear that the cancer was not as spread as they feared! Thank you for keeping us updated Pete and please give Jen a big hug for us!

Oh, that was such a sweet post, Peter! So relieved Jen's lymph nodes were not affected. That should make things simple. Hope everything goes smoothly from here on out.

And I do like the off-the-shoulder look. Kinda reminds me of Flashdance...

Jen, I'm thinking of you and your amazing family. I wish you a speedy recovery with as little treatment as required.

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