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August 29, 2011

In the aftermath

of a natural disaster, it is important to send out those most qualified to assess the situation. Nicholas packed up his toolbox yesterday morning and promptly headed out with Peter to suss out the damage. After nearly a mile of walking they came across a large tree blocking the road.  It also downed a power line, which then hung precariously across one driveway (whose homeowners won't be going anywhere until at least tonight.).

No worries, Peter checked first to ensure Nicholas was safe to continue with his 'struction work. Nick then shared his tools with another little guy who came along at the same time with the same interest in mind.  As much as a downed tree can be a bummer, it provided nearly a day's worth of conversation for us.

Seeking Damage

Fallen Tree
Removal Operations
Our damage at home?  In an ironic twist (if you saw the FB photo I linked to the other day about earthquake damage) a tipped over chair in the backyard.  My tomato plant also took a bit of a beating, but it has been secured and all is well now.  We are very grateful to have so little clean-up to worry about and that our 'crew' is so top-notch.




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OMG. That may be the cutest thing I've seen today. Nicholas, not the hurricane damage, that is.

Ha! I love it- he is just adorable. You should have taken a photo of the chair too. :)

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