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January 28, 2012

So Halloween 2012 is covered...

Not only is the boy now the proud owner of two lightsavers (in Nick speak) but now also this fantabulous Darth Vader helmet.  The Little Guy was outside playing Star Wars with his sisters (Yoda, Obi-Kenobi and 3 7 PO are HUGE in our house right now), when our neighbor's son happened to see them. 




I should add that our neighbor's son is likely older than I am.  Therefore, I was absolutely flabbergasted when he saw Nick playing, and offered him not only the Darth helmet (which just needs eyeglass adjustment and batteries), BUT another, even fancier lightsav(b)er.  The Little Guy went nuts.  Cait went nuts.  Kelsey got very excited.

I went a little nuts when I heard about it as Neighbor Dude had planned to Craigslist, but saw how much free-range fun our kids were having outside, beating each other upside the head with lightsabers (and no parents in sight to say no to the offering*).  He then said, "Here you go!  I was going to sell it, but I know you will have fun with it!"

An immediate (slightly friendly) battle ensued and by all accounts, it looks as though the LG will be reprising his role as Darth Vader (previously seen in 2008), only this time in a little more mobile fashion. He originally thought he might dress as Luke Skywalker, but he just can't so no to this incredible (and free!) costume option.



If you are wondering, yes, the rest of the family may be involved.  Nick has decided that I am now Princess Leia and I should dress accordingly for Halloween.  This sounded like a stellar idea, until I realized that Leia has more than one costume and realized after mentioning the idea to Peter, that we might have entirely different ideas about which costume I should wear.


*As if we would say no.  We are children of the 80's, for heaven's sake, that helmet is going to be insured ASAP and someone will just have to have another 80's party so Nick can wear it...or Peter..or Cait...


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My boys LOVE all things Star Wars. Even though our space is limited in our car, we made sure there was room for each of them to have a light saber. When we all get together, they will have to compare notes. :)

If Peter wants a Return of the Jedi costume, agree - since she wore more than just that damn gold bikini. You shouldtThen show up in "Rebel Briefing Uniform" :-) http://www.rebellegion.com/about_standards.php?id=8853

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