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January 29, 2012

One step forward, three naps


Yes, I took three naps today, no, I think I took three naps today.  I may have taken more, if I included those moments where one just randomly falls asleep sitting up straight in a chair with activity all around.  I feel at times that I have reached that limbo area of recovery (or at least I think I have), where I am not sure when I am crossing the line.  What is too little? What is too much?

I think last night's 2 mile walk told me what was too much.  I was so proud, as I am back to being taller than Cait (I was three inches shorter when I came home from the hospital).  With my Spanx on, I can walk around without my hand on my stomach the entire time (due to the irrational fear that my incision will suddenly and inexplicably open without warning).  My feet are no longer so swollen so that I can wear normal socks AND shoes.  Bending over (most of the time) does not have me running for a pain pill and I can read a whole book to Nicholas without keeling over from exhaustion.  Oh, sure, sneezing is still dreaded and laughing literally makes my belly ache, but it's getting better over time.

Since I felt so good last night that I thought I would push the walk a bit further and faster.  I was once again ahead of Pete (okay, maybe he was walking slowly on purpose) and my pace seemed better.  I did have the usual amount of pain, but nothing I couldn't handle.   Sadly, however, this morning I woke up in near agony.

I was swollen,  could barely move, and promptly fell asleep again as soon as I ate breakfast.  Peter luckily took all three kids to church, as the girls had to sing at mass.  I was able to sleep on and off and not feel guilty.  He had them back in time for Kelsey to meet up with her friend and hurry off to her Girl Scout Sing-A-Long (I'm still on Girl Scout Co-Leader sick leave) and I managed to keep Nick engaged (translation: we did a puzzle and he painted a 'stroyer) while Peter took Cait to find new pants for church, as it was a special evening:




Tonight was her Rite of Enrollment for Confirmation.  Peter acted as a proxy for Cait's sponsor's proxy (is that confusing enough?) and I had really hoped that we could all be there.  Oh sure, Nick would only last a few minutes (or we'd get a sitter), but I didn't even have the energy for that.  As much as we wanted it to be a family event, it simply wasn't to be.  Nick and Kelsey stayed home with me and I'm honestly not sure if I took care of them or it was the other way around.  At one point, I finally just threw in the towel, curled up under my afghan and took my whatever snooze of the day while they watched a movie.

I forgot that while I know I need to not be a total slouch, I still have to give myself more time.  I can't have a repeat of last January, when I thought I would be 100% one week after the implant exchange. Oh, and don't forget this whole debacle;  I certainly don't think that helped me recover any faster!  I don't know what I was thinking, especially considering I was really only two months out from my first surgery. I ended up doing too much too soon and it backfired (no, sledding a week after surgery, even 'just' an implant exchange really is not a good idea). 

I am going to keep up the walking (every other day), but I'm not pushing it in any respect.  Typical (minimal) recovery time is 4-6 weeks for my type of procedure.  I 'm only 3 weeks out and given that I am going to be on duty 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for a year beginning May 21st....probably best I give myself a break and a real chance to heal now while I can, right?  



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Hey I guess you really have to rest. Something tiring like long walks will not do you good. Keep everything at average ;)plastic surgery

Heal correctly, but keep walking! You'll feel better ...

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