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April 23, 2012

Last night,

Caitlin and I were briefly discussing bathrooms and, how sadly, they still have not yet learned how to clean themselves.  As you know, I am supposed to be laying low, but even then, sometimes get fed up when things aren't done in a timely manner and I just do it myself.  These days that gets me a percocet and a few hours in the recliner and dirty looks from all family members while they lecture me on how I am supposed to be resting.

Be that as it may, it occurred to me that come May 21st, I *might* want to seek some assisitance with the regards to the whole housecleaning bit.  I am not talking about having the staff of Downton Abbey move in, but more along the lines of someone to come by MAYBE every two weeks (MAYBE) and give the bathrooms and kitchen a good scrub-down.  I figured this would give me more time to (on my own for the next year) take care of the kids, plan activities, plan meals, plan a few summertime activities, cook most of said meals, work on decisions for our next post, continue to declutter, install new windows, think about getting new floors, paint most of the rooms in the house, decide what to do with the upstairs bathrooms, maybe adopt a dog since the kids are going to be so "lonely," join a pool so Kelsey can do a swim team, try to fit in summer trips to Ohio and California, and, oh, wait, sleep?

So imagine my delight when I mentioned to the one who is almost as tall as I am (scary) that I was toying with the notion of a housekeeper (and I use that term VERY lightly) for the year Peter is not here.  

OH!  The LOOK!  The DISDAIN!  You would have thought...well, who knows what was going through her mind, but the thought of me getting a break and not having to clean bathrooms (they help, but the reality is...) on a weekly basis just about gave Caitlin heart palpitations.

Then I really shoved my foot in my mouth.  I said something along the lines of, "Well, since we may have some staff in Nicaragua."


I replied I meant that we might have someone to help out with the cooking and cleaning (though mostly cleaning), and perhaps other things around the house.  

"WHY would we have HELP?"

Now, really, I want my kids to be independent and all, but give me a break.  The one chance I have at fairly inexpensive live-in help and I'm going to get dumped on by my teenager?  

You know, we might have a bigger house, we might need help with cleaning and for good measure, I threw in the ole, "We would be providing employment for those who might need it/want it."

Boy, did I get it then..."Now, WHERE did you hear that line?  Who says just because we are in the Foreign Service that we need help in our own house?  I certainly can take care of my own room!"

Yes, she can and she does.  She does her own laundry, vacuums, most of the floor is nearly always visible (as opposed to Ms. Creative in the next room over), and she still has (to my knowledge) her 14 point a.m. checklist.  

So, there we are.  I wanted more than anything to raise a free-thinking non-judgemental independent child whose idea of self-reliance extended to beyond just being able to pick out her own lunch foods at the grocery store.  I guess I got what I asked for...

but I'd still like a little help with the bathrooms, whether here or there.  Is that really so wrong?


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HAHAHA! Love it and her. If you want the name and number of a local cleaning lady, just say the word.

I think having a cleaning lady to do your work and letting the kids do their own work is a great compromise :)

She is a TRIP!

Isn't this why we had kids in the first place?

Jen, as a student nurse hoping to give back to all the people that have have made sacrifices, whether it be for country or be for family, it stills resonates deep in my soul. I am glad you are a survivor, the person that holds your family together. I wish you the best and your loved ones as well.


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