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May 14, 2012

Did you know?

I am officially (gasp, weep, sob) no longer a Foreign Service blogger. Take me off your blog rolls*, unsubscribe, throw away this URL.  That is correct, I do not (I am assuming, *ever*) have Foreign Service content in my blog.

I was informed of this today by...oh, the who isn't important.  Apparently, despite my, oh, nearly 14 years of experience as a DS/FS spouse, a long-time volunteer with AAFSW First Vice-President & currently moderating two Yahoo Groups), having moved how many times, worked overseas, having had recently published articles in the Foreign Service Journal (gee, thought I blogged about them...), and having written about almost all of it:  my blog is of no use to the Foreign Service Community.

I must say, one WEEK before my husband leaves on an unaccompanied tour (where he could deal with, well, use your imaginations), this is a real slap in the face (you know, in addition to the year away).  I guess I forgot when I blogged about the recent event I created and planned for AAFSW that I don't write about Foreign Service issues.  Or maybe it slipped my mind when I wrote this post about how Peter was (at that point in time) departing in 19 days.  Or when Cait and I had our discussion about living overseas and I penned a post on that conversation.  That's right, because if we were in the Foreign Service, we wouldn't discuss moving overseas and issues related to it.  

I wouldn't have signed the form today that allows me to receive ISMA while Peter is gone for a year.  We wouldn't have spent the weekend clearing out the garage and staging his gear for his pack-out on Wednesday.  I wouldn't be writing about how he leaves in exactly 1 week and 1 hour from now.  You know, I'd only do that sort of thing if we were in the Foreign Service.  Thankfully, however, someone has reminded me that I don't touch on that issue.

Maybe the problem is we aren't overseas?  Anyone remember why we aren't overseas? Oh, that's right! Remember that whole bit I went through two years ago while Peter was in another you-know-where scenario?  Of course, not like I wrote about that or any of the issues we had to deal with because we are a Foreign Service family.  'Cause, like I said, we aren't.

Right?  So, I'll go back to my not-FS life now and forget that post I was penning in advance of Peter's departure next week.  After all, who would want to read about that since it has nothing to do with the Foreign Service?  After all, no one in the FS ever lives in the U.S. (for training, UTs or otherwise) or has to curtail a post due to a medical issue.  Nor does discussing those issues apparently count for anything....but somehow, I think I already knew that.


*Clearly, I'm kidding.  Unless you are a certain 'official' blog roll, in which case, you have already thoughtfully removed me from your list. You know, the list that I was asked to be on  two years ago?  After all,  I'm not a Foreign Service blogger because my blog "currently focuses on topics outside of the U.S. Foreign Service."   Now off to help my husband shop and pack for his UT and continue to purge for our move to Managua.  Maybe when we live there I can be an FS blogger again?  


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Un-freaking-believable. FOR SHAME!!! I hope they reverse their decision, PRONTO!

What the hell? I haven't been reading you for long (a few months?), but I never questioned you NOT being a foreign service blogger, so I can't even imagine why someone would say that? Though I'm overseas, very little of what I blog is about the FS per se, and more about my life, since I have been blogging before we even joined State. Sorry you feel accused, but I'm adding you right now to my "Foreign Service Blogs" list, if you're not already on there.

You have been on our FS blogroll and you are staying there too. Huge hugs to you as you make preparations and start on Peter's one year stint WITH THE FS.

At least you were notified, Jen. They just axed me with nary a note nor explanation. I guess discussing real life in a third-world country, emotions I feel about being separated from friends and family for months at a time, dealing with raising a kid in a bilingual environment, and what it's like to run a household with no support network in a foreign country after leaving a career you enjoyed doesn't qualify me as a Foreign Service blogger either.

Well, we know what we're going through, and that's why we blog. About our lives in theForeign Service.

I'm not there either, and I join you in your indignation. I'd love somebody to explain to us the way in which we and our families are not relevant, or indeed, part of the FS community. All you need right before another UT. *Shakes her fist at so-called specialist.*

Dave, Actually, she did not contact me. There is a new person *in charge* and I contacted one of the folks who originally asked me to be in the forum and then on the blog roll. I then received an email from this newbie who told me that I had been dumped due to my lack of "U.S. Foreign Service" content. I thought I remembered you being on the list, too! Whatever...clearly someone way out of touch with the FS!

That's messed up. Obviously. But I don't understand something. You blog. You have your own blog. What does it have to do with "them" anyway? Was your blog being posted by some entity of the FS and now you can have your personal blog but they won't repost it? Confused.
But anyway, they obviously suck.



I e-mailed Careers and FLO to request your reinstatement This is ridiculous--you've been a source of great info and support to me for over a decade!

Well, bright side, they haven't yet told you to put the genie back in the bottle. They have just taken the genie off the shelf. But we all know where to find said genie.


You inspired me, Jen. A little venting/solidarity.

Keep writing, and I'll keep reading. And maybe we can connect in DC later this year.

You really did NOT need to give me something ELSE to rant about because you KNOW I'll pick up any issue that's NOT RIGHT. Just point me in a direction and give me a hint of "unfair" and I'll run with it...

I suspect, my sweet friend, that you have MANY following your blog and you don't NEED to be on any official blogroll.

On the other hand... if we are talking principles, let me loose and I'll start an epic "twit storm" .... I've watched big pink empires tumble within hours thanks to what those twitter people do... Just say the word....


All I can say is that you have helped me through my own challenging times while in the Foreign Service. They're nuts to have removed you!!!


I am a fairly new DS spouse, we have only been in a little over 2 years or so. When I first joined the yahoo group, you welcomed me and became a great resource. I will continue to read your blog.

Well, the real reason they don't want you on the blog roll? But you write about what the FS life is REALLY like. It's not all glamorous. It's not "all about the mission." It's not all cool and interesting and sometimes exotic locations. Cause if someone actually knew what those cool and interesting and exotic locations were REALLY like, they might think twice.

Because you know, why would the FS want someone making an informed decision, based on the complete truth? To truly understand what both sides of the equation are?

Nope, they only want kool-aid drinkers to tell others how wonderful the kool-aid is.

You are a courageous lady! Thank you for you and your husband's service to our country!

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