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May 02, 2012

T-Minus 19 days...

I think.  I've been so busy with recovery from surgery, creating and planning an Unaccompanied Tour Happy Hour Event for AAFSW (gee, if that isn't up my alley...), and with the house and kids in general that there are days I forget Pete leaves in fewer than three weeks.  Might I say thank goodness I remembered it Monday?

It was my first day truly back in action.  I thought I was feeling just fabulous and decided I was going to get back (to the extent I could) into my fitness routine with a vengeance.  I wisely went ahead and told Nick's school he would stay for daycare, went home, took a nap and then had a very fast power walk (almost felt the urge to run at times), came back home, took Kelsey shoe shopping, started feeling weird, and barely made it to the grocery store.  Halfway through the grocery store I was nearly doubled over in pain and wishing to God Whole Foods had those little power carts you see at Giant or Safeway.  The walk that had felt so good at the time came back and bit me in the rear (actually the abdomen) with a vengeance.  I quickly texted Pete and let him know that once I finished at the store, picked up Nick and made it home, I had a date with the recliner for the rest of the evening...he readily agreed and it worked out quite nicely...that night.

Then it occurred to me that 3 or 4 weeks from now, the aforementioned scenario will not be possible in the slightest.  Oh, sure, I can put Nick in daycare or go for a too-fast walk, but if I overdo it, I'm completely and utterly on my own at night, well, at all.  Sigh.  This is where I remind myself at least I didn't wait to do the stage 2 of the reconstruction while Pete was on R&R;  that would have been a total waste of time and a recovery/logistical nightmare.

Luckily, Tuesday, for most of the day, I managed to forget.  Despite not being 100% physically, I'm more with it mentally this week (woot!).  I've been wrapping up the details for tonight's event, working on my schedule for this weekend (I'm sort of half-attending a Girl Scout camping trip), trying to not forget that Cait's chorus trip is Friday (she has to be at school at 5 A.M.!) which is also Pete's last day of work.  I'm also finally scheduling forgotten doctors appointments, finding a new dentist for the kids, remembering that I am being elected VP of Kelsey's PTA next week (yes, ME?!), the need to get Kelsey to an orthodontist (and now that the UT is looming...will be much easier on the wallet), trying to firm up summer plans for the kids without going overboard, but not forgetting to take little breaks now and again.

Like this morning.  Nick will again attend daycare this afternoon, which makes me look like a bad/selfish mom, but gives me the time I need to prepare for this evening's event, maybe rest up a bit, finish paperwork for Kelsey's sleepaway camp and review what she needs for the camping trip this weekend.  I also have to take it a bit easy, as I did nothing more than normal stuff yesterday (okay, and a wee bit of organizing in the basement) and woke up feeling like I'd run a 5K (since walks do me in right now...).  I just remind myself that he enjoys daycare since he is with his school friends, it doesn't cost a fortune and it's really my only option.

I guess I'll be reminding myself of that off and on for the next year or 43 of the next 55 weeks?  Or maybe I should just think about the move next year.  Eyes on the prize and all of that.  Monday night I dreamt that we had just moved to Managua and I must say, I woke up in just *the* best mood.  Yep, eyes on the prize, Jen, eyes on the prize...


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Eyes FIRMLY on that Prize, Jen!!!!!!

Yes, eyes on the prize. If anyone can handle the next year, it is you. Ease into it!

YOU are too hard on yourself! I can't believe you're doing all this while stil recovering! Crazy person. :) It is very hard to live in a city without family around to help with the kids...I feel it every time Mark is off traveling or has to work late... ooof...it's tough!

Hang in there! I think you're doing great!

There is nothing wrong with using day care. Not at all. If you need a break for yourself or to get things done, sometimes getting someone to watch the children is the only way to do it.

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