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June 05, 2012

I have been wondering the past few days

what to call my new 'look' if you will.  You see, I don't so much have time to glance in the mirror anymore and my judgment of how my day has been basically revolves around whether I made a decent dinner and the kids seem basically happy (good thing I didn't write this yesterday).  Not that I really stressed the mirror business before, but now it's really gone out the window.

ThenI happened to read this post today.  

Utterly hysterical and she describes me to a "T" when she mentions the whole "not minding leaving the house looking like a...."

I'm sure things will change.  I am sure at some point I might care (Pete's R&R?) what I look like (stranger things have happened).  However, right now I'm just thrilled that the kids are not wailing and gnashing their teeth over Peter being gone. It took Nick 13 days to say "I miss Daddy" the first time and he has a newfound love for brushing his teeth (formerly a nightmarish struggle), Kelsey has not only NOT quit swim team, but likes it (!), and Cait does not mind babysitting on short notice for lots of money. So, if I look like a wreck, at least it's for a good reason.

Anyway, go read it and have a good laugh if you are a parent, because you will SO get it.... 


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You are a rock star!! When Chris was in Baghdad last time I hoped leaving the house at all counted as a success even if I did walk into the school office in my pj's more times than I should admit. Thanks for the link! It was awesome!

Oh my gosh --- that was SOOO funny!!

I needed to start today with a chuckle and this one is great. Most of us with kids can relate. That was FUNNY..... Glad you are settling in and I really have to share this from the bottom of my heart. I stand in admiration of you and your family.
Hugs..... and more hugs...

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