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August 12, 2015

And there she goes...

off in the bus for the beginning of...



first grade?  Senior year starts today and yet it seems like she was just boarding the big, yellow bus for the very first time....


(Insert parent fail, can't find Second Grade first day pic. Please imagine highly bundled child headed off to first day of school in her new school in Iceland.)



First day of third grade, Reykjavik, Iceland


Fourth grade for Cait, Reykjavik, Iceland


If the backdrop looks like a Residence Inn...well, what FS kid doesn't start at least one school year from a hotel, temp housing, you name it?  Above we have the beginning of 5th Grade in San Ramon, California. 


And the beginning of sixth grade and middle school for Cait, this time in front of our house in San Ramon. 


Our move back to VA allowed Cait to start middle school yet again and if you can tell from the photo, at the crack of dawn (or so we thought until we moved further south).


8th grade and the bus still not taking the hint that the crack of dawn is too darn early for pick up...


(Skipping 9th grade, as the hour had become even earlier, and thus even harder to muster enthusiasm to hop on that bus.)


By the beginning of 10th grade, we had moved to Managua, Nicaragua.  Now the bus comes at 6:15! To think we thought 6:40 was as bad as it could get...


They were actually very excited to start school. At this point we had been stuck at home for nearly 5 weeks with no car, and they were thrilled to hop on that bus and be with others their age for a few hours.

  2014-08-11 06.15.31

Not quite as excited as the previous year, but, hey...




And with this we suddenly have a senior in high school. An amazingly bright and talented person who will take the world by storm next year wherever she decides to go...Happy Senior Year, Cait!


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Awww.. senior year is such a great fun and chaotic time - wishing her (and you all) the best as graduation day approaches with all the celebrations and decision planning. Have a great year!

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