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December 11, 2015


I'm still here.  Since the first injection went relatively well, and actually seemed to work (numbness decreased, my ability to move without pain increased), I went through with the second per my earlier post. When originally planning the second, there wasn't really enough time put in for me to recover from it and get a sense of whether or not it worked.  So, I was extended again until December 16th.

Then after more discussion, and talking with the third doctor (who actually performed the injections), that it is likely best that I do all three.  If I don't, I risk not getting the full benefit.  At this point, it won't have me staying here that much longer, as I would not need a follow-up appointment after the third injection for another six months.  So, I will have the third, have a recovery day, and hopefully fly back to Managua on December 23rd.

It's been an interesting few weeks. I've been trying to combine errands with keeping up on things back home, finishing up Christmas prep that I can do from here, and wishing I could see all of the performances that I am missing.  On the other hand, Peter was able to attend most things I couldn't, he got a smashingly good photo of Nick's performance last night of all of the iPhones being held up in the air (I'm guessing that's just a universal thing now), was able to then scoot to Cait's end of season monologue for her acting class (held at a local dance studio), and even took a great video for me.  Not quite the same as being there, but not missing entirely and feel like I'm fairly caught up thanks to Skype, Facebook phone, and even just regular old phone calls. 

I wasn't sure what on earth I'd do on the medevac at first, given the length of time between appointments, but have found it's not so hard here to fill one's days. Just driving anywhere is not for the weak of heart or those low on time (the roads for the most part are in amazing condition....except when jam-packed).  I've mixed doctors appointments, working on medevac issues, and trying to research open season options for next year with get-togethers, local things to do, mailing teacher gifts and other treats back home, and just enjoying being able to catch up on my HGTV (did you expect more of me?).  

Just a few of the things I've missed, along with one or two events here I normally wouldn't get to do....


Nick and his diorama of a "winter wolf hunting deer." I'm guessing I might get to see the diorama in person when I get home, if the cats leave it alone that long.


Nick's Christmas show (The Giving Tree). He's the one in the black shirt and the Santa hat, right behind that iPhone...oh...wait.


Now for a few things I have enjoyed:





Meadowlark Gardens Winter Walk of Lights!  They have a beautiful, walkable festival of lights every year. It is an easy walk (maybe a mile or so?) with tons of gorgeous lights. The weather has been fantastic here lately, so I highly recommend going if you can. Great for families, and there is even a snack area at the end with a fire pit. One can purchase a "s'mores kit" so the kids (or kids at heart) can enjoy a tasty treat at the end.  Without the kids, or the need for extra sugar, I opted out, but if we are back next year for any reason, I think we will all partake.


The von Trapp great-grandchildren and Stephanie J. Block singing at the holiday pops concert (with the NSO) at the Kennedy Center.  I was able to get a great discounted seat online via Goldstar and the concert was just amazing. Wishing I had researched the parking cost a bit more (and that giant expensive cookie), but if that money is filtered back towards more venues like that, so be it.  The von Trapps were spectacular (they are the grandchildren of Werner, who was Kurt in the movie), and I would be stunned if anyone had a dry eye in the house when they sang Edelweiss.

And with that...maybe it's time to head to a few more holiday events before I head back.


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