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December 11, 2015

Stunned and speechless, we are

in a good way.  As some of you know, we were still in the midst of the bidding process.  There was a rumor afloat that we might hear something today, but one never knows, right?

Well, now we do.  We hadn't shared our bid list because it was so wide, varied, and open.  There was just so much opportunity, and in fact, I've done little to no research up until now.  We knew that anything was possible, so we just let it all go and hoped for the best.  And?

Well, drum roll......

Our next stop will be:



but...didn't we want to go overseas?


Yep...and, we are...


this is just a brief stop in the USA for a year of language training before we head to:


Ankara, Turkey!  We are over the moon to announce that we will arrive in Ankara in June 2017 for a 3 year tour.  Huge congrats to Peter, and now to dream of vacations in and around Turkey...


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write me with any questions you have: nomadsbynature@yahoo.com!!!!

I'm so jealous! I would love to make it to Turkey some day. We're heading back to Egypt after a year in DC as well.

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