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August 19, 2016

We are crammed

into a hotel in downtown "x"...

It's the last night before Cait goes to school.We are squeezed into a studio suite with Cait and her stuff...all of the items she packed up three months ago (and a few items thrown in along the way) to make her dorm feel more like home. I'm sure we will add a few more last minute items tomorrow, but for now...she is set. I know I'm supposed to be in tears. I'm supposed to be anxiously washing a last load of laundry, except for the fact that this stubborn girl insisted I teach her how to do her own laundry at age 10. Maybe I am supposed to be debating how I will fix her bed? Please, she's been doing that for years, too. Will I insist her father peruse the dorm to ensure all seems safe and secure? Um, no.

No. None of the above. Instead, I'm just going to watch in admiration...and if I cry, it will be only because I recognize how much she has going for her, and she knows it. I only wish that I currently had the self-confidence in one little finger, that Cait has in her whole...self.

It's been a crazy, insane life at times. The life of a DS/FS kid is not easy, but Cait has truly bloomed wherever she has been temporarily planted. Where will she go? What will she do? Only time will tell, but I foresee such an amazing life....

Love you, Cait, congrats, and can't wait to see what comes next....



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It's a wonderful feeling when dropping them off for college to know deep down they are ready and truly capable for this next step. The tears didn't flow for me either - at this point - they did surprise me when we were in the plane taking off for post and my heart felt the distance that we would be from her for the first time.

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