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September 02, 2012

I'm either up for Mother of the Year or

....I'm going to stop there.  After the "nickedent" on Friday, Kelsey and I decided perhaps we would try the mini-golf at the National Building Museum on our own over the weekend.  She really, really, really wanted to go and I knew how disappointed she was at not finishing.  She was so kind about leaving on Friday that I hated to completely disappoint her. 

Given that the exhibition closes tomorrow, I found a sitter for Nick and we headed back into the city to our "meeting."  The sitter was the best possible idea as the line for the mini-golf was easily two hours long when we arrived.  We hemmed and hawed, walked around, looked at the $100 Fallingwater Lego kit in the museum gift shop and finally decided just to do it. Given that I didn't have to stress about Nick getting bored or tired, it seemed like the best option.  She also wanted to check on her Lego work of art, but I said nixed that idea.  Yes, I'm cheap (would have cost us an extra $10 just to enter the room).

Look carefully...recognize this map?

I bought tickets just for the golf, we got in line and I held our spot while catching up on emails with my writing group and the PTA.  Kelsey enjoyed making friends with other kids whose parents were in line while they built things with giant blocks.  The hall is so spacious that she could have opted to run laps and no one would have really noticed.

About two hours later (though it really didn't seem that long), we finally started our game.  I can't say it wasn't slow-going, but at least we weren't at the beach under a mosquito attack?  Slowly but surely, we putted on through until we finally hit upon a brilliant idea:  skipping a hole.  One hole was quite literally created from a skateboard ramp.  Not a big one, but let's just say it appeared to be challenging.  By the time we were in line for that hole, the back-up was easily 10 people...yet we were standing next to the following hole and no one was playing...so, we skipped it, played through and finished up in 15 minutes max.

So, was it worth the wait?  Yes, I have to say it was.  The architecture/design of the holes was really amazing.  Like the work in the Lego room, it really was something you had to see in person to believe.  Given that it's unlikely we'd have a chance to play again and I was able to have a good bit of one on one time with Kelsey (which is critical for kids during a UT), I'd say I'd do it again in a heartbeat (but bring a portable charger, as my phone nearly died while I was taking pictures...).

Now that she's seen all of this fabulous architecture, guess who is chomping at the bit for a field trip to Fallingwater (tickets are cheaper than the Lego set)?  Oh, gee, okay!