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June 23, 2010

Happy Housewarming....

to me.  Peter promised this to me as part of the move.  I didn't think it was necessary, but it will come in handy since the kids are using the PC on a fairly regular basis. 


The extra bonus?  The Verizon guy came a day early, so we actually have internet and phone in the house! We also TV now, too, I suppose, but we neglected to mention that to the kids.  Given how much fun they are having making playhouses out of boxes and rediscovering 'lost' treasures (read: unpacking), I doubt they will notice anytime soon.  

August 21, 2006

~Technical Updates~

The International School of Iceland is online in its new format!  Also, note there is a new Flickr badge on the sidebar of this blog.  This should always have our most recent pictures and then you can also look at them on our photostream.

The current selection includes pictures from our trip to Chincoteague (July 30 - August 5), our birthday party at Auntie Pat and Uncle Joe's house, our trip to Sesame Place and yesterday's outing to the Reykjavik Farm Park & Zoo.  It was an amazingly gorgeous and sunny day yesterday.  The girls were so warm they were were wearing sleeveless shirts!

Ooh, last but not least, in fact, most importantly, pictures from Cait's 8th Birthday should be in the badge!  She had a lovely day on Saturday including a surprise sunday with sparklers at Grillhusid, having her birthday on Culture Day, having her friend Heida spend the night and indulging in cake and gifts. 

Her big birthday party with her friends will be in mid-September.  There will be so many new students that it will be sort of a "welcome to ISI"/Birthday party.